Monday, 26 March 2012

100mile Sweepstake...what's that then?

It's a wonderful way to spend £3 is what it is!

...I realised that I've stupidly entered 2 Marathons, 1 Half Marathon and 1 Ultra Marathon between April and July 2012.  Given the ludicrousness of trying to race, not survive, these 4 events so close together I decided I should put the miles to good use and raise some money for charity, rather than just focusing on my waistline and dreams of sub-4.

So I'm running the events in support of "Hope for Children":

I spoke to my own children about charity and who to run for and they were very keen for me to run to try and help children who really need our support.

Hence, The 100 Mile Sweepstake...

For £3, yes a measly £3, you can donate to "Hope for Children" by guessing how long you think I will take to run, stagger or flop over the finish line at each event.

So for less than the price of a pint, a large coffee on the high street or a fast food meal, you can sponsor me, help children in need around the world and be thankful that it's me foolishly running 100miles and not you.

Better still, while the donation is only £3 (you can of course guess more than once), a small portion of the donation goes into the Sweepstake prize fund so if you guess the time closest to my actual finish time you will the sweepstake and win the prize fund.  From your £3 guess/donation 50p goes to the prize fund and up to £2.50 goes to Hope for Children.

So you can make a donation to charity, feel better about yourself and win all at the same cool is that?

The 100miles is comprised of:

3miles        25 March: Sport Relief Mile (running with both my children)
27.2miles   STAGE 1: 15th April: Brighton Marathon and my son is running the 1mile race
27.2miles   STAGE 2: 6th May: Three Forts Marathon
13.1miles   STAGE 3: 3rd June: Seaford Half Marathon
30miles      STAGE 4: 22nd July: Downlands Ultra 30

You can guess once, twice or as many times as you like on each of the 4 stages of the challenge, giving you multiple chances to help and 4 chances to win.  In addition to the sweepstake funds I'm also trying to source some other prizes to make taking part even more attractive to you.

Please give what you can.

You can also subscribe to this blog, which is worth doing if you fancy winning.  I'll be posting training updates, race results and information as well as hopefully some humorous asides so there'll be a lot of information that you can use to try and make your sweepstake guesses more accurate.


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