Tuesday, 27 March 2012

3 down...97.5 to go

We're up and running and there's only 97.5 left to go, so that's alright then!

Sunday saw the start of the 100 Mile Sweepstake challenge, I ran the Sport Relief Mile with my two children to chalk up 3 miles together and get the ball well and truly rolling.

I'm hoping to raise money for Hope for Children so getting everything started with my own children seemed the perfect way to get things started.

It was the first event for my daughter who at nearly 6 ran the entire way with a smile on her face throughout finishing in just over 10minutes and getting her little hands on her first piece of race bling.  As for my son, the Little Man won the race. Yes, you read that right. He toed the start line with a steely look of determination in his eye at 9yrs old and won the 1mile race. A superb achievement. Given he'd PB the 5km on Saturday in 23:00 and just finished a football match on Sunday morning, to then run a fast mile was a great achievement.

Not sure how quick he ran it as I was running with my daughter before heading off in the midday sun to run 13miles in preparation for the Marathon - figuring it would be useful to try running in the heat in case its hot on the day.

If you are donating and guessing on STAGE 1: Brighton of the challenge please remember you need to guess the COMBINED TIME for me to run the Marathon AND the Little Man to run the 1mile on the day as well.

So when you're planning your guesses, consider the fact he won today. Not sure of the time but it was quick. Last year he ran the 1mile in around 6:30minutes, but he's going quicker this year. he ran 3:12 for 800m recently on grass and the mile course at the Marathon is slightly downhill, so he'll be quick, but who know's how good, bad or ugly I'll be over 26.2...

...to donate and guess on our double Brighton challenge, go to: https://login.guess2give.com/guess/registerguesses/637

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