Thursday, 29 March 2012

STAGE 1: The Form Guide

Wondering what time to guess for STAGE 1: Brighton then perhaps this will give you some ideas.

REMEMBER: the winning time for the Brighton Marathon stage of the 100 Mile challenge is the COMBINED TIME it takes me to run the 26.2miles of the marathon PLUS the 1mile of the kid's "Mini Mile" on marathon day that my son is running.  So think about the combined time we'll both run and guess on that.

The Form Guide:

The Little Man
He's getting quicker, won the mile race he ran at Sport Relief beating young and old alike, but as for more competitive running he's recently chalked up a 23:00 5km, ran 3:12 for grass 800m at school, and was disappointed with his 6:53 mile into the wind at the Brighton Marathon. So how fast can he go in Brighton on what should be a nice day with a slightly downhill course?

The Big Man
The big question is will I have improved from my 2 Marathons in 2011 where I stumbled to a debut 4hr33 melting in the Brighton heat before a swifter 4hr10 in a hot humid Osaka. The goal is sub-4, the training has moved up a level, but will it be enough? Couple of good races in last couple of months with 1hr41 in the Brighton Half and 2hr53 in the Worthing 20mile race, but what will happen on the 15th April.

So, work out fast the Little Man will run 1mile ADD that to the good, bad or indifferent time you think I'll chalk up in Brighton and you could be a winner.

Guessing and donating only costs £3, you won't even notice that lack of change in your pocket:

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