Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Steady as she blows...

So its 4 days until the Brighton Marathon and Stage 1 of the 100 Mile Sweepstake Challenge, training has gone to plan everything is in order except THE WIND.

Before I get too concerned about this, it is of course worth remembering that this is English weather and English weather forecasting, so it's too early to get overly worried at this stage.

That said a 16mph NNE wind with 29mph gusts is not what the doctor ordered for running a Marathon up and down the Brighton seafront with a large chunk into the wind. Granted if I have to run into the wind, I also have to run away from the wind with it at my back, but hopefully come the day it will be nice and still with just the faintest of breezes to tousle the hair of heroic marathon runners.

Not a lot you can do about wind, just have to zip up the mansuit and tackle whatever the weather is, ain't no point worrying coz there's nowt I can do to change it.

Plan for the day was to head out at 9min pace and hold this for the full 26.2 miles to finish inside 4hours.

If there is a big wind on the day, do I still keep to that pace into the wind, or do I slow down a little conserve energy and make the time up when the wind is at my back and its driving me back down the seafront?

Truth be told, I haven't the faintest idea...

...but tomorrow the forecast will probably be entirely different (I hope)

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