100 Mile Sweepstake

I'd signed up for the events, it therefore seemed like a timely point to try and do something worthwhile to help a cause bigger than my waistline. 
Hence, the 100 Mile Sweepstake for charity in aid of Hope for Children

There are 4 key stages to the challenge I've set myself between April and July 2012...Brighton Marathon, Three Forts Marathon, Seaford Half Marathon and Downlands 30mile Ultra Marathon.  The observant ones amongst you might have realised these 4 events "only" amount to 96.5miles (provided I don't get lost on the Ultra Marathon). 
But fear ye not...the challenge does have 100miles, although a few will not be by me. 

The 100 Mile Sweepstake is in support of "Hope for Children", with this in mind my own children wanted to help as well, so 100mile will come from: 

3miles        25 March: Sport Relief Mile (running with both my children)
27.2miles   STAGE 1:  15 April: Brighton Marathon and my son is running the 1mile race
27.2miles   STAGE 2:  6th May: Three Forts Marathon
13.1miles   STAGE 3:  3rd June: Seaford Half Marathon 
30miles      STAGE 4:  20th July: Downlands Ultra 30

Which should, all things being equal, come out as 100.5miles

The Charity
Hope for Children (HOPE) is a small and growing charity that helps some of the most disadvantaged children in the World.
HOPE works in 10 countries across Africa, Asia and Europe, working in areas largely unreached by other charities. Its mission is to provide practical support, such as education and healthcare, to improve children’s quality of life, advance their rights and give them a better future. For HOPE, no effort is too big, no need is too small. This year alone HOPE has supported over 70,000 children.
The Plan
You "GUESS" how long it will take to (hrs:min:sec) to complete each stage of the challenge (Stages 1 to 4).  Guessing on the sweepstake is done using the Guess2Give donation platform , which is supported by a number of renown charities. 
Each guess only costs £3, a small portion of this goes into the sweepstake prize fund which is awarded to whoever makes the guess closest to the eventual time on each individual stage. The majority, up to £2.50, goes to the charity. More information on how the guesses/donations are managed  can he found here: http://www.guess2give.com/how-much-goes-to-charity/

So on the one hand you have 4 chances to win a sweepstake, but together we have the chance to help a lot of children who really need our support. 
I'm also trying to source some additional prizes and will keep everyone updated on this via the blog. 
You can also donate through JustGiving:
JustGiving - Sponsor me now!
Thanks for taking part. 

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