There are 4 stages to the 100 Mile Sweepstake, so please have a bit of fun with my attempt to bite off considerably more than I can chew and why not guess on each stage...4 chances to win and 4 great ways to help.

Each guess is only £3, so if you're in two mind how long you think it will take me why not guess twice, and if you're really struggling to decide how good, bad or indifferent a runner I am why not make multiple guesses...

          Brighton                  Three Forts                   Seaford                Downland 30
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REMEMBER: If you are guessing on the Brighton Marathon you need to guess on the COMBINED TIME it take me to run the marathon AND my son to run 1mile in the "mini mile", so you are guessing on the total time it takes us both together to run 27.2miles - he's very quick!

Follow the links above "click to guess" to make your guesses. While you're here, why not take a bit of time to cast your eye over the blog. You can follow my training, learn about the events, read race reports and there will be a lot of hints and tips in the posts that may help you make your guesses on each stage.

The donations/guesses are managed through Guess2Give, "Hope for Children" are one of their charity partners and support this sweepstake fundraising approach.  To learn more about Guess2Give and how what happens to the donation, please visit their site:

You can also donate using JustGiving by simply following the link below: 
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