STAGE 1: Brighton

 15th April 2012 

Stage 1: Brighton Marathon
How long will it take me to run the Brighton Marathon and my son to run the kid's 1 Mile "Mini Mile" race?

So, let's be clear about this...Stage 1 of the "100 Mile Sweepstake" is to guess the COMBINED TIME it takes me to run 26.2miles PLUS the time it takes The Little Man to run 1mile. 

Search the blog for hints and tips and what times we are both looking to run!
Guess and donate now: 

And let's hope we can help children like Amos...

If the fates smile upon me, I'll be successful in my chase for a sub-4hr marathon. Plan is to run it at around a 9-minute average pace, but who knows what impact the weather will have.

I could have a storming run, but then again a hot or windy day could have an adverse effect on the day. As for the Little Man I imagine he's got his eye on around 6 1/2 minutes, but can he go that fast, or will he go faster...